Vendor Guide

A guide to the ST4S assessment process and criteria

About the Guide

The ST4S vendor guide covers the ST4S assessment framework and provides guidance and information regarding:

  • the assessment process and results
  • the questions included in the ST4S assessment questionnaire and the minimum acceptable responses
  • links to relevant industry standards
  • the criteria used to determine a compliant vs. non-compliant response, with critically important criteria marked with a hash (#)
  • the initial categorisation of products and services based on assessment tiers
  • how the assessment results will be shared with participating member organisations.



Current Version

The ST4S vendor guide is updated twice per year. All ST4S assessments are performed against a version of the ST4S assessment framework. The assessment framework is versioned as follows: 


The current version of the guide can be found below:

ST4S Vendor Guide 2022.1

last updated: 7 July 2023