Victorian Department of Education and ST4S

We are pleased to announce that the Victorian Department of Education has released a new policy supporting the use of Safer Technologies for Schools (ST4S) risk assessment reports. This policy requires schools to assess ICT software for security, privacy, and child safety before purchase or renewal. Schools should review ST4S risk assessment reports and implement necessary actions to ensure data protection and compliance with legislation.

This initiative highlights the importance of a secure digital environment in education and aligns with our commitment to safety and privacy.

ST4S, a collaborative initiative between the K-12 education sector and software providers, aims to enhance digital safety in schools. Our team at ST4S works closely with the Victorian Department of Education to ensure that schools have access to comprehensive risk assessment reports. The Department will oversee the review and provision of these reports, helping schools make informed decisions about ICT software.

For more details, visit the VIC Department of Education’s Policy.